Sleeping Shiba Inu hat (copy of Kivi) 🐕

Date: 1/8/2021 (updated 23.01.2021)
Suggester: ylliqm
Title: Shiba Inu hat
Description: We all know item kivi sleeping cat on your head right? Why not to make same thing but with really cute shiba inu dog? It would be small sleeping shiba inu dog black/orange which would most likely be limited item. Sorry, I’m not a artist but I can send gif of how shiba inu dog looks. Also it could have like green scarf around neck so it will make it look more cute! :bowl_with_spoon:


Awww shiba’s Are cute u could suggest it on disc server


yup i already did (screenshot below shows how it had 80 yes votes)

Imma answer here bcuz i get a badge now xD

P, 24. jaanuar 2021 11:42 ylliqm via Pixel Worlds Forum <> kirjutas:

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