[Slight rant] PW new devs should do something to stop people calling the game "dead"!

Everywhere I go I see the phrase "Pixel Worlds is dead. “PW is dying.” “I quit.” “Dude your game sucks” and all that hoogaloo boogaloo. I love this game even though I don’t play it a lot, it’s a lovingly crafted game with great graphics, and UI but maybe subpar execution (looking at you, Clan Battles, Cards, Jet Race, and Best Set). A big problem with the game is its ability to retain its playerbase. Look, I get it. People grow up and outgrow games. There’s nothing interesting when everyone discovered everything there is about the game.

I have new hope for these new devs. Hopefully these don’t turn into a Growtopia situation and make Ondrashek’s nightmares a reality.

To the new devs reading this whomever you are please don’t turn this into a Ubisoft situation and just turn the game around. Breathe in life. Give what the players want. Do stuff to retain the player base. Add new game modes. Not everything can be solved with a spring clean update with these tabula rasa worlds. Or a silly jet thing. Or cards. Or haha funny jet set EPWR competition. The players need something NEW. But familiar too.

I don’t want this game to die unlike other games like Createrria. I love this game. So please, new devs, make the game better. Turn the game around, and don’t get sleazy. Don’t act like Ubisoft.

Thank you for tuning into my ted talk lmao this is a pierre stupide moment


Well it’s not mainly because of updates that people are so overreacting now. If you remember “deflation”, it was because of panic started by one player and some other reasons like BCS, et cetera. It started that panic where people were blaming devs for something that some months ago they asked devs to do. People were straight up asking devs to combat inflation. I love PW too, it’s a damn great game and if it gets abandoned in some years from now, that’s a damn shame because this game has ENOURMOUS potential.

So why are people calling this game “dying”? Well…I gotta say it’s the same thing. If some of your average rich people are douches (yes, I said it, I have every right to call some of the game’s richest players that way because they just act like they’re superior to everyone and it needs to be exposed in a video) start telling you and everyone else that the game is dying, because…they lost some money on an item! And then they continue to play the game even though they apparently say they “quit”, they spread this false feeling when everyone thinks…well crap! If this was said by this rich guy and HE’S quitting even though he probably spent thousands of hours on this game (spoiler alert, the “richest” guys never spent so much!), then everyone else should too!

And that’s when this false panic of “game is dead” starts to appear. You can see, that TRADE is dead not because there are far less players, because BUY is just a PAIN to get to still and BUYSWORD is just fine when BUY helps it. No, it’s not that. With bytecoins people just sell items on PWE MUCH more oftenly than on trade worlds. Because look, they went on trade worlds to sell items for WLs and PLs before, now they see no difference a lot of times to just put them on PWE. So why is TRADE dead? Yep, because of that and that portal thing when you enter it…and its design. Let’s be honest, if TRADE redesigned, removed that thing and started advertising, we’d be just fine.

Clan battles, Cards, Jet Race, Best Set were missed opportunities but I don’t think that the new world generation is a missed opportunity. I don’t think QOL was a bad thing and there are new devs who (like Jake said when he admitted that those updates weren’t best) will look to community for update ideas. It’s great, ideas on Discord suggestions channel are sometimes just godlike. And actually it’s good to use old features too, we can take clan battles and make them good if we ask players what should be changed about it.

I kinda think we’re fine and I love the new update even thou the blood halo kinda…well doesn’t look the best in the world.
to devs: Discord suggestions, trust me, even if you ask a player to send you more sprites to this great item they create, they’re not gonna even mind. They’ll be super happy to help develop PW because they love PW same like we do. It’s great to have this community that’ll support you. Because even though some people are just so negative for show or they just lost interest in PW so they wanna make others think that PW is bad somehow (even though it’s so much better than 2 years ago), it kinda happens in every game, doesn’t mean PW is bad.

People are so adamant to unfairly criticize good changes because it’s now popular to just go online and give no reasoning behind criticism, to even label the new world generation as something inherently wrong, because it somehow “killed” the alien booster. I agree with the last statement. But wasn’t EVERY BOOSTER already dead? If you tried to find any alien blocks to create your own alien world or even a winter world, you wouldn’t find even quarter of what you’re trying to find on PWE. No, you’d need to spend couple of hundred k on boosters to build it and you weren’t guaranteed to get them. That’s why people stopped building worlds. This update is why people are gonna finally start building diverse worlds. Only one complaint that I got is that it should be possible to generate a biome on existing worlds with existing names if those worlds are cleared.


PW is starting to feel like the Nintendo eShop for the 3DS. Almost no new content and close to a shutdown. (Yes, Nintendo is shutting down the eShop at March 2023.)

It’s a weird take for me, because game isn’t close to shutdown and back in 2019-2020 we had pretty much same pauses between updates. It’s right that we didn’t get a big after-halloween update, but we need to understand that at that point, devs already quit so nobody could develop that update. Give them time, you can’t expect one developer (for now) to suddenly give us new dungeons…

Yes. That’s why I think the game is doomed. What if the new devs are from a corporation and they don’t know to care about the community or anything that has no dollar sign after it?

If you’re hiring a developer, then you can be sure they’re unemployed until you hire them, that’s how hiring process works. That’s why they can’t be from corporations somehow.

I think we’re better off with new developers with fresh take on PW that didn’t burn out after 6 years of doing exact same thing, that’s why when we get them, they’ll need some time to get comfortable around PW and then get back to PW 2018 style updates.

Sad. Does that mean all 3ds games will become, unavailable?

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Yes, basically they’re inviting homebrew and piracy. The only legal way to obtain games after the eShop closes would be physical cartridges that are rarely even sold anymore.

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i would consider any “dead” games by them deleting or shutting down the servers or unplayable in any ways

“abandoned” and “dead” aren’t the same meanings


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Really stupid thread. How about all the people asking the new team to do a good job and “make the game better” waste their time creating actual game ideas rather than useless posts. Stop making everything sound so easy.

If your suggestion is to make good updates rather than saying what said update would consist of, just don’t say anything at all.


The problem is that a lot of things have already been suggested. Tons of ideas for new dungeons or features have been suggested already. My suggestion for a replay feature was one of the very few of my threads that didn’t flop.

They implemented like 1 or 2 community suggestions here and there, yet instead of adding more suggested things, they just went with whatever ideas they thought of; nobody on these forums or the discord actually asked for a card game. Nobody asked for Best Set, which is just a clone of Check Mii Out channel (sorry for bringing the Wii discussions back but it’s relevant).


Nobody asked about Mii nor Wii either :nerd_face:

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Even if an idea sounds okay, realistically that just wouldn’t fit in pixel worlds. Also huge waste of time considering how most devices just have built in screen recorders.

You are the person that keeps calling it old and new pw. They? “They” are all gone. You’re not suggesting ideas to Dev or EndlesS anymore.

Card game was strangely requested a lot (although technically most wanted an irl card game). They still got some variant of it and it’s not even a bad feature. Just needs to be fixed a little.

Also a pretty good feature, just implemented incorrectly. Should be more like wotw than just public voting.


To be honest, you’re kinda right, my mind wasn’t working at full capacity and I made this thread because I was so sick and tired of everyone saying “dead game dead game” kind of stuff. Yeah, I know game development isn’t easy. There’s a bunch of hoops you have to jump through even to just add basic features to the game.

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The economy is ruined and that’s why people is talking like game is dead

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