Small giveaway spot the difference

well i made a new spot the difference first person to find all the differences will win 10 wls

there are 12 differences i wish everyone luck

@Orangehairguy Got em all!

It took me 10mins

delete tha peoplewill see your answers quick

nah congrats fazeus i saw it you won its fine

what the snail not have anything???

hmm yeah i see that faze did you think there was a difference betwwen snails?

It was supposed to be next orange hairguy I drew fast lmao

i know that alr
even i write it in the reply
we same?
i think…
it was 11 not 12

Huh if u see picture u can see I draw a cyrcle around every difference, and I posted it anyway first Soo… Feel sad for u:(

ok duh i forgot if i draw it the same
anyways you first?
just check it 1 more time…
lol i the first who reply
rip myself (also call me unluckiest guy cause i always unlucky)
i forgot but i draw it already
i forgot 50 seconds lol after i draw em all
and i type them
take a look i draw the same fp

Much things u listed In first reply?

yes (i know that)
i delete it because orangehairguy ask me or everybody will knows