Sneak Peek of a game I'm working on

Sneak peek 2:

I’m back with another sneak peek! Rooms are finally (almost) working and the game is …well almost in a playable state. First boss is already added and working but I haven’t coded in a boss room / boss room door just yet. I also have started developing a shop room with a shopkeeper that definitely isn’t a secret boss….

Sneak peek 1:

Hey guys! I am developing a dungeon crawler game for mobile devices! This is the very first look I’ll give of the game. Unfortunately I cannot show video gameplay since the game is not in a playable state right now. It used to be but I had to radically change the core gameplay so it takes a bit of time until I get the game function properly again😀 I have scrapped tons of stuff, here are the most interesting features I tested and scrapped:

-In-game room editor. It worked technically but wasn’t very user friendly and it took too much time developing.
-Card system & card table. This was the old progression system later replaced by inventory. Removed due to being way too confusing and the UI didn’t fit a small phone screen.
-Guns. This game used to have guns as item drops. They came in different rarities and shot differently. Guns were later replaced by items which function much differently. Balancing guns was almost impossible and having inventory filled with different guns and having to constantly switch between them wasn’t fun at all.

This game is obviously inspired by Binding of Isaac. Please let me know what you think.

Just to clarify, I’m asking for feedback about the art of the game only since it is very hard to give feedback of the game without any video of the gameplay.


Cough almost cough cough 500 hours

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I think you’ll enjoy my game then😉
Here are some sneak peeks of the bosses
The sun and moon are actually one boss and they fight together. Slime is a boss on its own. More bosses coming soon™


Yea i love roguelike games and isaac is my favourite

And if i need to say something that you prob could improve is you could make some things look better (:

And if you need idea or help im more than happy to help (:




Eres some more ideas from one of my games lol


That looks fun, I look forward to the release

Bumping this post since I added a new sneak peek😉

As I said before, the game used to have guns instead of items. I actually found a old screenshot of the old inventory system. You had two guns, primary and secondary gun. Also you could equip perks for both guns. All of this old system got scrapped since it was confusing and not fun. You also had limited inventory slots so if your inventory was full you needed to manually delete gun from the inventory …yeah it just didn’t work at all.

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Cant wait to see more sneak peeks hehe