So about the duped items

So jake said you can keep all the items you got until its not that much and i was wondering am i able to keep these or something since its not more than 3 PLs. I also got 2-3 PWEs and recall magnets that i already sold not to mention the 2 Kabutos but i gave 1 to Exo. Another thing is that how am i supposed to know which ones are duped and which ones are not, since most of these items came from different giveaways.

I would really love to hear a dev say something about this.

Edit: These items are gonna stay in my storage world til i get an approval or smth


What orb is that? I’m not familiar with it for some reason.

I’m pretty sure that’s a Night Orb.

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Well I don’t know. Everything suspicious that I got and every item that I didn’t know where did I get them from, I just trashed them.

I trashed every item I got from those giveaways. Including the ones from Iro’s giveaway. The hair and few other items.

What happens if you keep these duped items?

Oh I’m staying out of this one. When rollbacks happen due to server crashes, we typically give back the lost items and that’s it. These kind of crashes are pretty rare these days, but someone might remember war stories from beta times when we basically had daily rollbacks. It was pretty wild.

I don’t know/decide our policies regarding these questions, so I can’t help you here. Jake and support are handling the events of recent days, so if Jake said you can keep the items, it’s fine to keep them. That being said, I do know that a lot of accounts have been banned for exploiting the situation. So if you have 500 Dark Pixies lying around, don’t be surprised if you get banned.

you risk with getting banned, but yesterday in the stream jake, hes not gonna hunt you down if you got like 10-100wls.

as much as i know last item i got free was a world lock from my friend