So, how many people have a new name?

This is for OG forum members of course, because I’m curious, how many of you from the old forums decided to change your username when making an account here?
If you want, you can share what your old username was, and for hypothetical bonus points, you can also tell a little bit about why you decided on a new username.

I was Sackatizer50 in the old forums, but I decided to go under a new name considering that I’m a bit different than I used to be in the old forums, and also that Sackatizer50 is a pretty old username, I mean I made that name in 2009.
It’s currently Joestar as a reference to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Why? I dunno, it wasn’t taken and I thought it’d be awesome.


Oh hey Sackatizer! I remember you!

Yeah i kept my username the same as my in-game name to… idk. Not be confused.


I took this opertunity to shorten my name from parmashawn to just “Shawn”

I’ve always been known as Kaluub online, so nothing changed

Well, I’m one of those who haven’t changed their nickname. I have always been known as HeyRicky.

I kinda dislike the “Exo” part of my name
So I decided to be super creative and rearrange the letters and make a new one :sunglasses:

Pretend I liked all your posts
(It’s limiting me on how many likes I can give)

I usually go by ItsFyn online, but I’ve recently been putting my usernames in lower case, because I think it looks better. When it isn’t taken, I go with Fyn, like my in-game name, and I signed up with Discord, so my suggested name was fyn, and I took the opportunity.

And thank you for liking my post 2 hours ago, you damn time traveller.

I think I had Cypher/Astroxen back in the old forums. Decided to change to resemble my game name to make things simpler.

Welcome back, I didn’t change my username so yea