So, I Recently Hoarded Huge And Gained Over 800PL And I Was Banned... Here's Why

Please Note

This Video Was NOT Made For Drama!

This Video Is Just My Side On The Ban Reason I Got A PERMANENT Ban For
I Found The Ban to Be Kinda Dumb, But I Don’t Like To Argue, And I Respect Jake :slight_smile: But Anyways, Hopefully This Is Taken with A Pinch Of Salt :wink:

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a video in english would’ve been easier to understand. at least the description helps though.

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Jake might have checked your logs and found out your ip/device was different? any admins will check out your logs to check off trades, ips and more.

  • have you tried contacting support?

making another account to play even if your account is banned is considered BAN EVASION.

sad ending, good song tho.

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