So there's this guy

I know I technicaly can’t say his name but I got to for the sake of the story. Zibsnis 777 is a complete degenerate. He constantly calls me a gambler even though I don’t do that anymore it’s annoying af. So all I’m saying is I’m coming for you zib and there is nowhere to run. :duck:


Very informative information. I will make sure to call the FBI on him as soon I see him.

I’ll keep an eye out for him, when I see him, I will call him a gambler.


Same I might keep an eye on him too, he’s a interesting gambler

Funny conversation

See this is what I’m saying you are so ■■■■■■■ down bad

No I’m not down bad like rarin, if you gambled so much, why’re you so mad that I call you a gambler

When I used to gamble it was purely for fun

Because I don’t do it anymore
Dumb idiot🦆

Name shaming is not allowed on Forums, if you have an issue with someone, either report them ingame or direct message a moderator.