So this happened today

So some of you problably already know but some items with the glow effects triggers bugs in the Nether World. I toom two pictures, one mild and one BIG!! Hopefully this can be fixes asap it makes nether so hard.

show us the pictures…?

I edited it. Its 5 am here i forgot.

The one that glows over just a bit of your body actually looks pretty awesome. They should take some notes from this glitch and maybe make like a “sun head” or something that glows a bit like that.

the same thing happened to me
But I must say, this is a very beautiful glitch. So bright and shiny in the dark cave…

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Staff don’t even check the forums anymore i guess.

They still do,

Only Jake… but still… Jake is in the Staff team sooo

It’s their vacation time right now

Seems like he hangs out on the forums to see the posts, however he won’t post (at least on an admin account) as I think he doesn’t want to have all of his posts treated as “official” while he’s on vacation.

Can’t you just unequip the item?

I could, but it still needs to be fixed.

Pixel worlds glow up

look guys, I have a cool mask!

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