So where does the taxes from pwe go?

If no one got its taxes then what’s the point of getting a chunk of bytes from items?

So that pwe wouldn’t be too op


To get ByteCoins out of the economy.


To make the economy in a stable price situation. if you’ve studied economics then you’ll get to the point.

And I can’t say the bytecoins will be given to the government because we don’t have a pw government


Hi Maskedman,

I think to prevent price manipulation and to prevent spammy use of PWE.


Into Jake wallet obviously :cold_face:

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We may not have a Pixel Worlds government, but who’s to say the bytes don’t go to an individual? Cleary, Jake is stealing our byte coins, and I say we rise against this tyrant!

we need to stage a pixel worlds coup

I don’t think Jake stole it because he’s the head of the government (Community manager of the game)

no he’s definitely stealing them and I say we rise up and seize power from this tyrant (and give me all the power)

Admins after knowing your attempting to declare a in-game noobattack coup:

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If we seize his powers, he retires and sells the game to Ubisoft holy crad

He meant this as a joke. They have no need to tax, its just so bytes don’t go brrr

not into pixelian healthcare, clearly.

imagine bytes going to commander k’s pocket

It’s more of a “service fee” rather than tax, but oh well. Seems like most people just consider anything to be “tax”

They are secretly the funds to keep rebuilding mine world and for the staff at nether and deep nether. They need the bytes to keep the worlds running. But this is all just a theory… A GAME THEORY

Also it sounds like i was saying it as if it was a fact but it isn’t.