So who does hold the title of the richest person in PW?

DISCLAIMER: Don’t bring up the other forum post (I only mention it briefly)
This is only a FOR-FUN discussion to share one’s overall wealth. I do NOT think I am the richest player in PW, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t pretty wealthy. As long as everyone is respectful and we don’t go overboard, I think this would be a fun place to do a little showing-off. Lets see some of those Hoards, Collections, WOTWs, Pro Sets, Stacks of Platinum Locks, Millions of Gems, Bags of Bytes, Familiar Armies, Glitched Items, and whatever else you have. I’m also down to see some unique bugged worlds that maybe have 2 names, missing bedrock, music that hasn’t been released yet, or anything else.

I’d also love to see some panorama’s of collection worlds.

I didn’t really read the other “Richest Player” thing, nor did I really have any to say, I think he’s pretty rich, and to my knowledge we’re friends and we get along. I only heard enough about how everyone seemed extremely hostile and triggered, which isn’t how we should play the game. Pixel Worlds is built on becoming a Pro, and one of the major factors of that is working towards wealth, which has many different meanings depending on who you ask.

Again, I’d like to keep this all in good fun, and keep it respectful, and without further ado; “Show me what you’ve got!”


That being said…I’m perfectly happy with showing off a little of my wealth :laughing:

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The actual answer is us. We are worth more than 100000000000 PLs of yours. No to flexing. Everyone is rich.

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I am stuck at 40 pl because I hesitate to start a profit because it scares me to think of losing it all

I could pay you the rest of your “Bot Farm Finders Fee” cut in Brown Block Seeds if you’re trying to get a quick boost XD

I have no time to sell stuff because of school. I’d like pure because I have a bunch of time to wait

I think no one hasnt beat janski1 yet

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i think the most WOTW’s has probably woshibushi

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and one of the rarest collection worlds is the World WL

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Collection with the Rarest items is LE by Cawy.
WL is probably worth quite a bit more though.

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I mean he still doesnt have the trophies. Lol he bought my 2 WOTWs

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Wl has rarer items lol

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So…like…is no one going to actually respond with pictures?

why should they?
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Why not? Curious to see what people consider wealth. Example: Owning one of every seed in the game, having a world completely filled with a rare background, the first of a limited familiar (familiar age), or even something as simple as a world with a guestbook signed by Jake. Guess I was hoping for some creativity :man_shrugging:

i dont want to say that i dont want but my items are far far far FAR away from urs…

(I mean that i got much less than you)

Everyone starts out somewhere :man_shrugging:

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Omg this is so rare item! I wanna buy it!