Some info about me

I am [Ro]Beta.
I am new to this type of forum.
I was banned from the Pixel Worlds Game Discord Server due to saying the f word multiple times and ended up with a permanent ban due to toxicity.
I started playing this game 1373 days ago , March 9 2017.
I am stupid in real life.
I am an introvert.
I miss the discord server.
Pretty much this is everything I can type of me.

  • Sunday the13th December 12:12AM UTC+02:00
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Arent you the one that kept asking to be noticed on jake’s live streams by “stalking” him?

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The bad ol’ days that I was saying I stalk him.

Hi [Ro]Beta! Great to know you!

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Does the [Ro] mean youre romanian?

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Of course. I am Romanian too.

Salut, bine ai venit pe forumuri (Hello, welcome to the forums).

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Salut frate , hai sa ne intalnim in joc ( Heya bro , let’s meet up in game)

Ga fux klahs unaki fohji (i don’t speak Romanian)