Some luck question... And about 200th spin grandprize guarantee in pixelmines

So guys i just hitted the 5-star in wheel a week ago, but i noticed something that i got the wyvern at exactly 200th spin without buying mining tokens since i start mining… Yes! 200th, i checked my achievment… but i did like 81 times on level 1 mine… so total is 281 when i got it

you might watched the spin tries in yt, some are 200 tries and others are even 500 tries… however they dint hitted the 5 star… (they bought the token they used)

Also i got like a little greedy after getting the wyvern and bought 200 tokens, unfortunately i din’t get the grand prize.
Untill now… i just did 200+ keys again and wheel din’t land on 5-star in 200th spin

The question: is buying mining tokens will greatly reduce your chance on Hitting 5-star for a long time? and is it really a wyvern guarantee at 200th spin without buying tokens?

i just think of a “anti pay to win-like system” is already applied

no buying tokens doesnt and also you are extremely lucky to have got it what you got was1 in 20000 im estimating not 1 in 200

Simply take the mining tokens as a bonus from exiting mines. It really is somewhat bad if you buy them with gems, considering that it gives you mostly 1 :star:. You really have to be lucky to hit around 3-5 :star:, although it really depends on RNG. Not to mention that you have to wait around 15 seconds per spin, it’s just time consuming. Take it as watching an ad, and getting rusty nails, lures, etc.

Just never buy them with gems. They are bonuses, NOT a main way to profit.

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I agree with what POKERUSS said above, but…

  • 9-10 Seconds waiting time per spin *
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Aight, thanks for the correction. Just feels so long, maybe I exaggerated.

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