Some of my items got cleared

Hi. I’m Ichicko. Ign is SxICHICKOxS

I was playing pixel worlds earlier. I was going to the pixel station to get back to my world. When I entered pixel station it said I disconnected but my net was stable and still connected. The game then said login error: please try again later. I thought “Oh okay probably just a maintenance” so I went to play another game. A few minutes later I went back and got in my main world. I realized that my wings and my whole outfit was gone. My 8k gems were also gone. It was as if I didn’t grind for those items. Please help me. I am genuinely confused and frustrated because I spent money on those items. Thank you.

if you lost money the try requesting a refund

This sounds more of an issue that your account got hacked and someone was on your account and most probably took your items.