Someone give me idea for short movie?

jake gives:
tournament leak

and the poll thing
wiring/short movie

so more vote short movie

can someone give me idea?

Sussy imposter noob.

Well the movie needs to be original to probably win, I mean you should think your own ideas instead of asking people :slight_smile:

Something about a war between two pixelian factions and then on holy brick day they eat cookies and drink milk as allies.

The whole point of this contest is to show your creativity.

ok then maybe i shouldn’t ask ppls

wait for the short movie, we have to record ourselves in game doing whatever for it?

yes it is, if you do it alone it gonna be bad, if with friends or more ppls it gonna be cool lol

oh, then the director (maker) of the movie gets a reward?

yes it is, its for short movie contest

ooh sadly I got no youtube to do it :frowning:

maybe post it in other social media? like instagram

did jake say we can do that?

only contest like that

i saw jake post/story


Just use clickbait lol

“Playing 3D game in PW (Cursed) (GONE WRONG) - Herobrine sighted in PW!”

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Why This Pixel Worlds Trend From the '90s Needs to Make a Comeback

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^ other titles you could use


Here i made one for you.

Where can I vote on the poll? And don’t say Instagram because I won’t make an account.

I would love to take part in anyone’s movie! (For anyone who is interested)

I am available anytime you want.

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btw is it already confirmed that the next contest will be 100% a short movie???