Someone logging in your account

I have been playing Pixel worlds for 6 days now and somehow someone logged to my account and stole most of my things

I wonder how is this possible when I had my email verified…?? Won’t it send a confirmation email when someone try to log in from a different device/IP?

I didn’t press any link or even search about Pixel worlds in any external site
I went to recently entered worlds and there was a world locked by ‘OAB’ I never visited

I don’t know what I’ll do now, I still have some items though

Sadly, it dosen’t… (they should add this system tbh)

You sure you didn’t downloaded any hacks or clicked on suspicious links recently?

your password might be easy to guess
or you just clicked some link without noticing
or maybe even downloaded anything related to pw such as hacks or gems generator

there is no other way than those to be hacked

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I’m 19 I’m not a kid that trys generators or things like that, I was playing this with my little brother.

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ask your brother, maybe he might have done something

I will still be playing, I just wonder how it is possible.

my items were placed in the world ‘KEHSTORAGE’ locked by ‘OAB’ so that’s not my brother

i think he meant if your brother clicked on any suspicious links that caused your password to leak

my account was only in my phone, and he never takes it plus it’s locked. He wouldn’t do that he doesn’t even know how to soo

anyway thanks for the fast answers, I think we can’t do anything soo… bye now

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hmmm, in that case i can’t really think of any other scenario of what could’ve happened :man_shrugging:

You might be able to get your account back, provided you have a transaction ID.

A transaction ID looks like this:
GPA.XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXX for Google Play, and

Don’t be dumb next time because 99.9% of the users usually use this excuse and don’t bother emailing support. Just try not to get hacker next time.