Someone scammed me

Someone names stole my items in my world and he has a group that they do scams please ban him he stole everything in my world and if u want to look at old look he stole 1m of worth items

I’m sorry about that but do you have proof? like idk if they’re gonna ban scammers tho

Like what proof picture?

I just found the picture that i did before that i was wearing my fishing set but i couldnt find about my world but the guy that scammed me had a world he putted everything there but now i checked there was nothing that means he sold them all but pls ban him and his group

I’m sorry but naming and shaming isn’t going to help you get your stuff back because it is against the rules. The best choice is to message . Even if they do not answer you, it’s what you are supposed to do.

Like @SubOliverJ said, forums is not the place to report scammers. You should use the in-game report feature, message directlty a moderator with proofs if you have some or email support (