Something in the center of the nether

Has this thing been here before? any way to access them?
probably none interesting tho

Bruuuh u lost 30wls :rofl::rofl:

That’s the extremely rare flaming shard and yes there is a way too access it.

Watch this video

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LOOOOOL i didn’t know it was a shard! i thought it was some kind of Easter egg because of the tablet beside it LOOOL RIP

Wait does it need teamwork tho? to be opened

it was inevitable in the first way anyway was playing with newbies lol

It seems that the answer is yes, unfortunately. I have been in your situation too - I found the flaming shard, but unfortunately I was paired with newbies, so sadly I could not use the power of teamwork to get the shard. :frowning:

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Basically there are sensors. YOU NEED 3 PEOPLE. So 2 people will stand on the sensors while one goes in and gets in. You take turns, as one go gets, one takes the other’s place to keep the sensor on. The sensors are under candles. If one of you dies, then say goodbye to the shard

its around 5 wls nowadays
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wait what!? TELL ME MORE

wait, it is??

Oh man… i thought it’s actually worth something

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there can’t be 4 people in nether lmao

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Yes there can be, I’ve experienced that multiple times. You can do that with a nether portal, but sometimes the matchmaking AI will do it for you. It’s kinda rare tho

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I have experienced that also, but 1 random person is usually lagged out.


yessir (20 characerts)

It’s really cheap now and very hard to sell as there isn’t any known use for it yet

Also, I’ve encountered this structure for at least 6 times already but i didn’t know about it yet back then

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I’d say 9-14 wls is the legit price

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I’d say get a crap ton before it gets a use. Then sell like hotcakes later

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sometimes yes, a fourth person can join the world, but he’ll be instantly kicked out

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