Spectre Lock

Price: 900k gems
Sell world
Perm ban players (Can be unbanned)
Choose to affect the whole world or limited space
Play music in the world without gramophone
Has a chance of dropping platinum locks when broken

pixil-frame-0 (14)

too overpowered
and don’t post too much art topic
you can post over 5-10 arts in 1 topic

more like blue gem lock in gt

perma ban from worlds can be abused really easily so its not a good idea. Setting “maintenance break” Can also be overpowered. play music isn’t too op but thats ok. The orb idea also seems overpowered.


Possible but there should a limit i guess, and they can be unbannable

No. Definetely no.

All in all this sounds like a good idea but maintenance is an eh.

It’s actually fine as these are suggestions.

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The music in world is less-fine but all mentioned in the suggestion is just bad.

dude please stop with these ungodly terrible suggestions. please stop you can break it to get platinum lock have you not learned anything from your world lock idea. Perma ban players this is most probably the worst suggestion ever. Im so tired of you not listening to what we are saying and creating suggestion after suggestion with bad ideas and also the lock isnt a square what the hell is this

I just didn’t like any of these ideas

please just reply to are replys and don’t keep doing the same things next is it going to be the dark pixie lock break it and get a dark pixie this lock lets you get any item you want and you can ban jakes a account and you can have 1 billion gems with it.

i have probably gone on and on but i am just so tired of this you made a topic about wl farming everybody said it was bad now your doing pl farming. :upside_down_face:

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Thanks for the feedback, I understand that my ideas aren’t the best

Even if you do not like someone’s ideas, please be polite in telling them so.

Some of the settings seem a little overpowered, but besides that I think it’s a good idea.

The lock should be purchased with bubble gum tokens though because it is a spectre item and it makes more sense to buy it for tokens.

yeah starfire im sorry i will try to be more polite from now on and i think i usually am.I was just annoyed because i didn’t think mittens was listening to me but i know thats not much of an excuse im only replying now cuz i just woke up.

also sorry mittens for getting angry your ideas can be good if you take the feedback into account and maybe change the next one you make :slightly_smiling_face: