Spirit Sword bundle

First of all you could put this topic under Bugs and reports, but I’m not sure if it actually is an error or if it has a reason.
Anyways the Spirit sword is already pretty long available, even if I remember that I read that it’s only like 3 days more available about 1 month ago or so. That’s why I just want to ask if it is a bundle that will come again and again or if it really is limited.

The bundle keeps coming back for me, so I was bummed out it isn’t warned to be limited


Unless you purchase the bundle, it will continuously come back to your store in rotation with the other various bundles (vip, gem, etc).

Not only is it not warned to be not limited, it actually says IT IS limited.
That’s just straight up lying.

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It does disappear after 3 days, so it’s technically limited. :man_shrugging:

It’s kinda like the amber wings. It will be offered to you from time to time until you buy it

That’s self-contradictory.

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What I mean is that there’s a limited time for you to purchase the sword, which is 3 days. So it technically is limited but not the kind of limited never gonna show up again kind of thing.

By the definition that most players recognize, a limited item is an item of which there is or will be a finite quantity.

For example, summer event items are considered limited, because no more of those items can be created after the summer event ends.

If anyone can get the spirit blade again, after the 3 days, it is not limited.

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Yes but it is still technically limited in terms of time. “Limited time”.
And as I said, it technically is limited but not the limited never gonna show up again kind of thing, which is how most players define it.

I don’t think it’s limited time if it reappears until you buy it.

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It has a limited time regardless of how many times it reappears. :man_shrugging:

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Wouldn’t the reappears make it available for more time?

It would be better if they replaced it with “offer ends in {TIME}”

does it even matter if its limited since its untradable…

Yes, people paid thinking they will get a unique item that only a limited amount of people would have in the future. Now more people will buy it in the future, making it less and less unique.

Not everything is profit in pixel worlds, some people wanna look cool :sunglasses:

It also pressured people into buying it now, because they thought they wouldn’t be able to do it later.


i suppose but… it doesn’t even look that cool, but yeah i agree with,

Just came back for me
Also, its not really limited if it keeps coming back every once in a while


I completely agree. It’s silly, and now they make players unable to separate the truly ‘limited’ and the fake ‘limited’ that will, after a week or two, show up again for another ‘3 days limited offer’.