Splicer Remote (Untradeable)

Sick of having to go through the same row TWICE, just so that you could crossbreed the seeds you’re planting? Be glad, for the Splicer Remote will get the job done for you!

The Splicer Remote is a tool that can be used to splice seeds INSTANTLY upon planting. Double tap on the remote, and insert the amount of seeds that are going to be crossbreed (2 Slots, able to hold 999 of each). Upon planting, the tree will be turned into the wanted crossbreedable, consuming the seeds in the slot.
(Note = Inserting 2 seeds that don’t crossbreed into anything will cause an error. An error would also occur if 1 one of the 2 slots turn empty)

It would function somewhat similar to the wiring tool, having its own special slot to plant seeds.

The remote could be obtained after you finished the Recipe Book (amounts of seed may vary based on updates).
However, the requirements to get the remote could be changed by the developers to their likings.

This item would be OP for those who’d love to mass, thus it would require something hard to complete, in order to get the remote (Crossbreeding is pretty dead as of the time I’m writing this). It would also be untradeable, to keep its value.

So, this was an idea I made a few days back, it came out of my frustration from going row to row, repeatedly splicing trees. Do you guys have any opinions regarding the remote?


Nice idea but the devs might not add it because it isn’t that necessary

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Good point. They probably have better stuff to do…

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Well, not everything has to be ‘necessary’. Jet racing isn’t necessary, it’s just a nice, fun feature to have.

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i suppose you have got a point but im sure everybody would rather jetrace than this its still a great idea though poker better than anything i could have thought of its just that the devs cant do everything they have to choose what the community needs and wants most

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Very good and useful idea! Revive crossbreeding devs plz.

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It’s not commonly used as a form of profit in Pixel Worlds, but I’m sure that those who enjoy massing or use it as their main source of profit would appreciate this.


Interesting idea, but it probably won’t come to life.
The developers stance on farming is that they want to move away from block farming and more towards farming like nether and mining where there is more human thinking and engagement.


It would certainly make it a bit easier, but planting is the second easiest step in massing. And thus, taking the splicing away would take away from the overall experience.

Thing is, you should be pretty experienced once you get the remote, since you’d have to complete the recipe book in order to get it…

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Splicing is an important part of massing. And to take that away, takes away from the experience, even if you are a pro.

I think that it just wouldn’t be that necessary since people already got used to splice the seeds by themselves.
In the other hand, I don’t think that by completing the recipe book would be the best way to obtain it, since more recipes are going to get added in the future.
It’s not a bad idea though, interesting indeed.

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