Spot the difference

can you find all the differences you probably can i made it easy
reply with how many you found

I found three differences.

Same (20 characters)

Loot collecting is actually rare but i PXP’ed.

i mean it is so hard pls hwelp.

when i do mining , i only found myself struggling , when you hear the Bats started to whisper. “Run”


i count 5 differences in the image

congrats you win bro there are 5 there

tell me if you want to know the answers message me in forums

Here is all the difference in the images
This is what happens when you subtract one image from the other and it shows all the differences made

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Whoa, that’s cool. How did you do it?

I love this type of games. Do more :fish:

You can also make both pictures into one, as you can scroll past the two of them easily spotting the differences.

yeah i am making another right now ;D

shawn thats cool but please don’t do it its cheating

Loot Cool, 19 medium rubies instead of 11, PXP, pink lines (I actually like the pink, fits the mining level with rubies.) and final difference is the black circle with R, it doesn’t have the golden circle around the circle quite hard to spot.

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