St patrick event 2022 all items


I dont understand this event.Where do I get clovers guys?

You can only get clovers in the world furryclover

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There are certain worlds where they have something (I forgot cuz I have dementia). But that thing triggers the event where you need to break pots to get 5 clovers (if you are on mobile, watch ads for more clovers). Just see the global messages abt the worlds for the clovers

Huh? I own DEMENTIA :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I am selling it though!

Lol, but I hope you get what im sayin cuz I forgot abt the thing for st patrick’s. OR I think it’s only summer that needs something to spawn the tihng

wait what, its already st patrick?

The real day is March 14, but PW always celebrates it early and sometimes even past the day

St. Patrick’s day is always on the 17th of March, not the 14th

Now I can easily update PW Tools I thinkkkkkk :thinking:

Oop okay my bad- I was thinking abt March 14 cuz that’s my exam day xD

if u pay close attention to the Global Messages you can see ppl advertising their worlds where you can break the pots to get around 10 clovers… pretty much like the summer event but a bit different… also, no offence here, but pls do change your pfp…

@ColdUnwanted you haven’t posted a message for 11 months!? wow xD

yea its only the summer event which needs the popsicle the pots spawn on their own

Yez ez recolour also hi welcome bac

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