St.Patrick Questions

How can you get the pots
what are the chances of spawning the pots
why do i have to wait 1 hour to get pots
why is people using alt accs to get clovers
should i do quests

thanks in advanced, this is my first time and i have nothing in mind on what to start.

  1. the pots spawn randomly (As long as there’s 5 spaces and 2 people in the world).
  2. not sure the odds but they can’t spawn in the same world after 15 mins from the last one
  3. average waiting time for 10 clovers are 1-2 hours
  4. because its easier to get clovers
  5. if you want to get the items and want to wait hours to complete the quest (You may have to spend wls).

also at the number 5 question, are the items limited? thank you for replying!

The first items you get are not limited, Last few prizes are limited though.

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emm i got a clover spawning when i was alone in world

What are the new limited items in quests?

2019 and 2020, you needed to have 2 people in a world for it to spawn. When the fixed a bug last year it spawned when u where alone. It doesn’t say you need 2 people in a world this year though.

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