ST Patrick update | Designed by QWU (№2)

Hello its me QWU again with the same update idea but! i have added a bit more things and did a poster for icomming st patrick update (not too soon lol) hope you will enjoy
Qwu brings you to the Leafy Secrets Update!
Whats new:
Leprechaun event started (clover hunt)
New item in the bubblegun shop (disco tuxedo set)
Clover Bolt Jet avaible in the lucky chest in world HANGAR
Rainbow cape avaible as the limited item in the shop for 75K gems
New daily bonuses :
Empty pot hat
Leafy Pixie wings
Leafy queen crown which is changing your eyes color to green! Avaible in the St Patrick booster as the limited 2021 item
Magnetic Staff, avaible in the leprechaun quest line (having a small chanse after breaking block reccal it)
Black Smith’s gold cane Avaible to get by completting quest break 50Gold pots

Also i have posted it on my insta if you want check it out :wink:

This is a great idea for the next stpatrick update.

will it be like spawning to worlds?

is it double jump?

any effects?

NICEEEEEEE i love it (btw i never see this update before