Stand-alone updates

Apart from seasonal updates like BT, winter , Easter etc, do you think we’ll EVER get any stand alone updates again? Like the card update or updates that add features like fishing / PvP.

Seasonal updates are cool, stand-alone updates can really change the whole experience of your gameplay. Just seems like they’re prioritising the seasonal updates which is understandable but only having 5-10 new items per update is just getting very bland. I’m aware the dev team is in a better position than last year so I’m hoping

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Unfortunately we won’t get those updates.

I wish they would go back and improve some older updates like Jet Races, it was such a missed opportunity (IMO) and no one really plays it any more
Same goes for card battle

Yeah this game still had potential

You write that as though you know for sure :thinking:

How so?

I would love to see some game add-ons.

New farm items to X-breed, fish, actually make shards work by allowing UR to make L’s. Which would need new URs to work …

How about platinum chests, new monsters/mobs…

Even new screen layouts for secret base and nether

I think the move to repeat the monthly bonus prizes is a clear signal that older players don’t matter.

Which from their point of view I can see they probably don’t spend much! But why not encourage them?

I’ve got the impression following events after Jake left and the community managers that followed they seem to have been setting their own agenda… siskea and lohka lapsi defo had their own spin . For the record without someone promoting like Jake did they did more to spoil game play than help.

Did they have instructions ? If so from whom? Who’s pulling the strings …

I just want pw to communicate with us…

They might stick tio just adding new items for now

We don’t know for sure, but it’s pretty unlikely there’s gonna be any new updates, considering the most recent update was over 2 years ago, and we haven’t heard any news of a new one.