Star Catching Event Suggestion

Star Catching Mini-Event is a monthly event that is similar to butterfly catching

Event page info:

A fallen star will look like this

Stars will randomly fall from the sky (just like in the game Terraria) in a world that has any of the following orbs

orb3 orb2 orb1 orb5 orb4

The star can be collected by any player in the world and can be used to unlock Stellar Perks
(reused perks icons because i am bad at drawing/pixel art)

Concepts for the perks (in order):
(the perks can be different and be more in number, take it as a separate suggestion)

perk1info perk2info perk3info perk4info

:warning:The star design is NOT original and belongs to, and is from, the design is free and it has been used only for the showcase of my concept.

What is the point of this suggestion?

- The game needs more events to keep players entertained while not requiring planning ahead like Superhero Event and Please Recycle.
- More perks have been suggested a lot of times

Thank you for checking out my suggestion, have a nice day!


really cool idea smile

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I love the idea. :heart:
Had a very similar idea a while ago:

I have a new idea for the Perk System.

Which will include:

1: XP Level Perks - (5 Maximum to Assign)
2: Clan Perks - (2-3 Maximum to Assign)
3: Special Perks - (1 Maximum to Assign)

So when you click on the Adjust Perks you get to a New Category Page like this:

Special Perks:

1: Perk Name: Cheat Death - Basicly it’s a upgraded version of One more Try Perk

Infomation: First time you die, revieve yourself for 50% Health and lose 0 Lifes.

Extra Infomation: Also you will be stay at the same spot that you died and you will have to click E to Revieve yourself or something else… atleast a way to prevent from dying on a Spike or a Trap.

2: Perk Name: Life Stealer

Infomation: 5% of the Damage Dealt to Enemies converts to 5% Health Healt, when killed.

3: Perk Name: Double Catch

Infomation: 1-5% Chance to Catch 2x Items when Fishing.

Example: 2 Fishies, 2x Ingredients, or even 1 Fish and 1 Ingredients.

4: Perk Name: ? - Upgraded version of Careful Wreck Perk

Infomation: Triples the chance of a block dropping itself when destroyed


Why would you post an irrelevant suggestion on someone else’s idea thread? Just make your own thread and link it if absolutely necessary, but don’t just take over. Not sure how the thread creator feels, but personally I think it’s really annoying and disrespectful.


I support his idea, it’s indeed better than mine. :star2:

  • I didn’t take over anything at all.

  • Wanted to give an idea of what more perks that could be added to his idea. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Doesn’t bother me too much, but i would appreciate the picture being smaller

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Great suggestion, we need more perks anyway

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Like the Idea, But I think a extra perk slot that is only for Stellar perks would be nice!

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Good suggestion, i need the perks so bad even if it takes getting 1 star per day!

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It’s very interesting, I think, good suggestions for the game. I’m on board with you.

Hmm i think Its could be bit different than in terraria

This was a good one goddamn


This is going to be a cool new event, I also love the perks suggestion.