STOP keeping the numbers such a secret

Even Valve has released their playing/download numbers to the public.
but boo hoo users will COMPLAIN and TROLL about them being LOW and PW being DEAD
Valve has a LOT BIGGER community than PW does, and Steam has public forums with hundreds of thousands of posts. These posts say how some games are “dead” and stuff and some people trolling about it.
Yet they still release them to the public.

There’s no reason to not release these numbers to the public here too other than greed.


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yea i would like the whole community complain about how dead and how bad that game is

that’s what’s missing from this game to me

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Stop commenting before you read the whole post.

we did, they dont show them because they dont want people complaining and realizing the game is dead.

You apparently didn’t read my whole post.

you didnt explain why it would be good?

I read the whole post.
Showing these numbers publicly would do more harm than good.
What’s even the fricking point of showing these numbers if players like you are going to constantly complain about how dead the game is.

STOP making such useless posts



THIS POST IS NOT SPAM, so stop flagging it as such.

Every single one of the 240 topics you have made are spam.

I feel like every single topic you make you have already made before.

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Take your meds.

Can’t you just find out this information anyway using websites such as Steam Charts? They have a page for Pixel Worlds.

Although your posts are not spam, they are just useless. Also, Jake has talked about it why they’re not showing any numbers publicly. You say “there’s no reason to not release these numbers”, I presume there will always be a reason behind it.

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Yes, Jake said that every game becomes less popular during school/work days, because people have less time to play.

Someone might look at pw stats dropping after a summer holiday, and tell everyone that the game is dying, and then everyone will start quitting, and the game will actually die.

“Boo hoo I’m scared”.

They could literally just put the average stats if it’s that way, and not live stats.

Average stats will still drop during school/work days.

Unless of course you make them average out a year of stats, so the detail of what happens on and after holidays isn’t visible, but that would be kind of useless.

This man has singlehandedly gotten over 6 threads locked and I get an entire month long ban just for having an opinion on a bad person