Stop turning your world locks into bytes right now (wait)

Ok, everyone is panicking about world locks becoming untradable. But, do not turn your world locks into byte coins yet. First of all the rate like, RIGHT NOW, is 200/1. Second of all, Jake stated that he will adjust the amount of bytes the npc offers to you so STOP TURNING YOUR WLS INTO BYTES, just wait first. Who knows? The amount jake is going to adjust it to might be higher than 200/1.


these are 12yo kids who didn’t had time to watch video till the end or heard it from untrusted friend.


The right advice in this panic situation. :+1:


All i see is people trading for 250/1 World Lock

Thats strange, many people were selling 200/1 or smthing before

Manipulation is currently existing and the people who is already buying bc rn will totally regret it.

Or just didn’t watch it at all for some unidentified reason like me