Story behind items (For devs)

So myself I am usually interested when I see an item on what the backstory is, how did the devs come up with this idea, what was it inspired by? Maybe theres a funny story or a joke behind it? So I thought I’d make a thread where forumers can ask devs (when I says devs I mean @EndlesS about their favourite item(s) backstory and the devs could scroll through and pick and choose which one to talk about (when they have some free time). So just upload a picture of an item you want to know more about with the question “Story behind…?”.

I’ll go first.

Story behind Haunted Monkey set?



I have never thought about it, interesting.

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Nice topic :slight_smile:

Haunted monkey set.
Well unfortunately there isn’t that much I can remember about the thought process of this (pre-Halloweens are hectic and fun times of the year).

It might have been just some doodling around starting from pointy folded hood and creating spooky eyes to it. Playing around with different shapes for the bottom part of the face (I think I originally was thinking of tentacles like cthulhu mask) and coming up with taller monkey face and liking it.

In fact the end result was so unique that I actually considered not releasing it as a player set but rather as an NPC or enemy.


What about Scary Mask?


There was some game we constantly got reminded of by some people (completely forgot the name of the game :smirk:) so I played around with our characters facial features and we laughed so hard at it that it just couldn’t be NOT released as some sort of horror mask.




Demon wings, Dragon wings, Cthulhu wings.

What about these?

I could see it as a nether mob

Monkey terminator.

Although it woulda scared off a lot of kids lol

Another one from me, I always found the Superhero sets in PW interesting, especially the Kettlehead Set, how did you come up with them and was there other superheroes that perhaps didn’t make the cut?


What made you go for Heroes such as Kettlehead, Sup-A-Fly etc. instead of the usual Superman, Ironman, Spiderman type heroes people are used to.

Some of them are based on them if u think about it

Blackbird = batman
Sir laser = iron man
night chick = wonder woman
punchpool = a person that does not know who spiderman is and attempts to punch the living !#$@ out of stuff with his bare fists, aka hulk in a spiderman costume

Demon wings was actually one of the “Proof of Concept” graphics for Portal Worlds. So very first wings ever made for the game. Still one of my favourite wings in the game.

You can see those in the " How was it made? The Pixelian - Episode 12"

Dragon wings - well bigger version of Demon wings really. Cthulhu wings were rushed in the Black Tower since we decided to add changing Legendary + Ultra Rare for each week the BT was active. Like many has noticed it is adjusted version of the Dragon Wings since Cthulhu is a combination of a dragon, octopus and a man.


Kettlehead came to me when checking out some Cuphead gameplay material (really love that game’s aesthetics). Gave it a little twist with tongue on a cheek and we got Kettlehead.

It was originally named Pothead but…we decided to be more conservative (once again).

Big chunk of the superheroes on PW have some similarities to known comic heroes. With a twist.


Er… you have heard of Deadpool… right?

I’d like to know if the Pasta Hat is a reference to Pastafarianism/the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
If it is, maybe change the “Ramen!” part of the item’s description to “R’amen!” or “RAmen!”.

RIP Pothead, also rip the Jorogumo Legs’ scam webs

Yea i have
Ok ill change it. Its a spiderman hulk, deadpool hybrid

I call him punchfool because he’s a little bit fat, has no weapons, is a hybrid between deadpool and Spiderman and as you know deadpool is a little bit…

Just call him a average dad at halloween

Probably off topic but it’s still about design…

Why there is no signs at the entrance of Pixel station like it’s used to be to show where the stuff was…

Here is what I’m talking about

And also… why the bubble chat don’t animate anyone? I personally really liked when it’s was… it’s was looking cool…

Too many things to show - it would have gotten confusing.