[Streams] Bingo Minigame!

I think that playing basketball over and over again on stream minigame breaks is just kinda repetitive.

So, what about a BINGO minigame? Faces of pixelians will randomly be drawn from a pool, and you have a card that you can view. Once you get a BINGO, the game will end, and you will get 100 gold.

Considering that there’s already battle royale which you cannot influence in any way, bingo would be a good addition.

Like this:

interesting suggestion, but once again: WHY are all your posts about this mii thing?

Would you rather want me to suggest this?

I don’t get why do you hate me posting about Wiis and Wii stuff.

I dont hate it, i find it annoying because basically 90% of your posts are about the same thing and it gets repetitive.

Technically the important thing is the topic so idc (In a good way) about wii or mii (idk) But yeah new games for streams should be nice

bingo sounds like pretty good idea imo

wat? wdym?
Doesn’t sound like a 2% effort post, I don’t get what you mean

How do you expect this to work with 50 or so people participating? Also what would even be the commands, etc? You need to at least explain how the game will work on stream. No point posting suggestions that aren’t finished.

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I meant to put 20% percent that a typo but what I mean is that in this month alone he has made 25 topics

Which wouldn’t be that… weird if he was really really active but he isn’t for example compared to me an average forumer

He has made 5 times as many topics but has only replied 67 times
I just think work on quality of topic not quantity

Only your card would be viewable. !checkcard for cards, !bingo for announcing BINGO and !bingostart <ffa/sub/follow/> <time_mins> [time_secs] [blackout] to start a bingo round. 5k channel points to start a round of BINGO (command !bingostart ffa 15).

If “blackout” is specified in a command, every single cell of your bingo card filled in counts as a bingo. If no “blackout”, each row/column/diagonal counts as a bingo.

It would generate image links with the cards.