Stuff I wish they won't implement to PW

Other companies done those kinds of stuff and it was met with community backlash. So, I am seriously hoping that those don’t become a thing.

  • Kukouri Network IDs - Imagine getting rid of PW accounts, swapping it with “KNIDs” and locking accounts which don’t merge their PW account with a KNID. You would no longer be able to log in to the forums via Discord, but only via your KNID. See “Mojang and Microsoft Accounts” for the Minecraft incident.
  • PW “version 2.0” - Changing the whole GUI of the game to a minimalistic mess. A lot of sites have done redesigns and the one that afaik got the most community backlash was DeviantArt Eclipse, yet regardless of the like 20k comments telling them why Eclipse is bad, they still forced it on everyone and took away the option to revert.
  • Removing the main currency - Let’s just say that the currency that most people have used suddenly becomes restricted from trading and you’re forced to swap over to the “future currency”. See… Oh wait, it actually happened already!
  • Adding a purchase-only currency - Instead of Gems, you can now purchase Stardust. But, you cannot obtain Stardust outside of the cash shop. Stardust can be used to exchange for gems, but also VIP time, packs, or even P2W stuff like extra nether lives. Game of Dice added Topaz in an update, you cannot obtain it unless you make at least a $20 purchase. Topaz is OP, it lets you get good gachas or even pick your own gacha rewards.

Stop giving them ideas :roll_eyes:


Ughhh obrazek now they will add them sighhhhhhh :weary:

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ahh, i missed these threads :blush:


Welp the devs will probably add these and not the better ones


Did you also miss these threads?

…and these posts?

This is your final warning 3 000 000 social credit has been deducted from your account.

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Yea those we’re my favorite

also do you have a picture of forums ban screen?

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Oh no bro we just made him stronger by getting him banned
All he wanted is the forum ban screen and now he has it :fearful:


When the Mii guy becomes a dark souls boss

your a danger to those around you s t o p

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