Sturdy or Golden?

A friend of mine recently showed me this info. Notice how Sturdy has the words “Chance” in it, whilst the Golden one has none of such words.

Would that mean that the Golden Mining Helm gives GUARANTEED extra gemstones (say, the least you can get from an epic pickaxe is 5 gemstone), or is it just a misconception, and both helmets have the same effect and percentage?

(I’d be happy if the developers could explain this clearly)
Once again, thanks for reading this thread.

Pretty sure they are the same

Not a developer to confirm this but based on what it says, it seems like Golden Mining Helmet instantly gives bonus gemstones compared to Sturdy Mining Helmet where it only increases the “chance”. Which is probably why it’s much harder to obtain the Golden Mining Helmet. If it’s just the same, then it would be better to have the same info to avoid confusion.

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I’m pretty sure it’s the same the dark pick and dark carbon are both the same this is too

In that case, I don’t even know anymore :joy: I’ll just wait for a developer to explain this…

It is not guaranteed to get extra gemstones, I have the helmet and minimum is 4 gemstones.

What pickaxe do you use?

I’m using the epic pickaxe

You sure you only get a minimum of 4 gemstones each block you break?

Yes, I am sure of that

Huh, that’s weird 'cause the epic pick gives a minimum of 4 bonus gemstones as well so it’s supposed to drop more than that. :thinking:

So I guess both are just the same and the other one’s not guaranteed to drop more bonus gemstones. It’s the same like the two mining gear pendants, they’re two different items but both still serve the same purpose.

Don’t know why the descriptions are different though. It could be possible that both are made by two different developers so that’s probably why they aren’t the same or… it’s a mistake like the deep dweller and excavator shirt where the other one was supposed to give more armor but they forgot to add it (at least from what I’ve heard, could be wrong though).

I feel like Golden Mining is better as it gives you bonus gemstones whilst the other one only increases your chance

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What have i done (20)

You started this in the clan chat .-.

Try testing Golden Helmet with crappy pickaxe on a Topaz Ore

The Golden gives gives bonus while the Sturdy give chance. I recommend Gold :joy:

Both are the same, golden mining helmet’s description is wrong, it’s a also a chance for extra gemstones

I have tried both, and to be honest, both seems to be the same.
However, I prefer to use the Golden Mining Helmet only beacuase I can wear my hair with it. :smile: