Suggest me some designs for CHAT world

Title basically sums it up , i want to make a new design for CHAT i will completely start from 0 and need pro designers

can’t really help you with good design sadly, BUT i had random thought today about why CHAT died

came to conclusion that pw community is way too small to keep such world active when game’s mostly about brainless grinding.


Basically because we (minors) and serxan stopped to gm here to promote the world.

even with GM’s it died out quickly, none of us is rich enough to make dozens of global messages to make world alive for like 15 minutes


I’ve got you started on the entrance! Thought you could use something mouthwatering so I created a concept for you! I am professional builder :open_mouth:


that would win WOTW

(20 characterjsidkwk)

Quit being so humble, really! Theres no need :blush:
It would win WOTY (World of the year :scream:)


Make it pixel station like. Maybe the old pixelstation?

the world will die, the only reason it’s popular is because you have influencer.

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You’ve never been more wrong, well actually you have but still. It’s like saying Netflix is popular because John Cena uses it. Netflix is a streaming service people use, while the world chat is used to make friends, meet new people, have show battles for fun, and overall chat and have a great time.

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Took me 5 minutes to make that