Suggest me some good songs for a PW Music Video

Title pretty much says it. I am planning to make a pixel worlds music video in the future, not sure exactly when though.

On what genre or what theme of song are you exactly finding?

Any, as long as it’s good for a music video.

gangster’s paridise


Canzoni Preferite also known as Torture dance from JJBA
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Does this count?

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If your making a music video sad, I’d suggest " Sad Song "

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Consider these songs posted from other forumers on my post.

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Maybe you can find some videos from this topic for your PW music video.


I suggest you use this:

I fell in love with this track first time i listened to it.
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Uhh, how am I suppose to make a music video with that? There’s no lyrics. Great song though. :sweat_smile:

Uhh didnt realised u need lyrics :sweat_smile: ,anyway i recommend u to listen it.

Just did, it’s nice. :+1:t2:

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