[SUGGESTION #19] Science Update

Disclaimer: If someone has made this kind of suggestion on the old forums or in discord, they shall be noticed and credited by the thread.
Kaluub - Credits Trashtopia**

Pixel Worlds brings you:
The Science Update!

Description: This update that lets you combine chemicals to new valuable materials and chemicals! A new event and new achievement might exists too!

The new 2 items:

  • 1 Chemical Converter
    This machine gives you off the needed chemicals in exchange of giving the machine items. Needs 50 points to give the chemicals.

(Chemicals - ( All Basic Colors ) Chemical)
(Ex. Green Chemical, White Chemical, Pink Chemical)

Design - Light-Blue/White colored Recycler.

  • 1 Chemical Combiner
    This machine lets you combine the chemicals in exchange of prizes, also gives gems and xps once you’ve completed and corrected the chemical mix.

(This will be a wrenchable prop item, wrenching it pops off 3 spaces on which you’d put the chemicals in it, if you’ve successfully and correctly added the chemicals, then a prize will be beared.)

  • 1 Scientific Cauldron
    This witchcraft made of science lets you make another new potions!
    Mixing the needed ingredients + potion/item + any chemical can give you the needed potions needed.

Design - White type of cauldron with blue water inside it instead of green.

(ex. Healing Potion + Nether Star + Red Chemical = Throwable Healing Potion?)
(This item is wrenchable, shows off 3 pop-up)
Suggested by Commanderder.

All of these is obtainable in secret base or as a pack? What do you think?

Possible Prizes includes new traps, new doors, new clothings, clothing revamp, throwable potions, new op potions and an item.


As a person who loves science, I like the idea. I also think that this would be a great use for the lab equipment props that you can get from the secret base.

Lab_Equipment_1 Lab_Equipment_2 Lab_Equipment_3

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This is almost exactly a clone of a feature from Growtopia, consider crediting them

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It’s a little different but sure!

I have a lot of those in my storage, I thought it had usage of it at first lol.
Same, I always wanted science stuffs!

Oh, I would love to see more science related stuff into the game. :smile:

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science? you mean growtopia science bruh /fp

Literally different, we don’t have to add science stations when we can do its alternate. Chemicals includes common to legendary. and prizes that won’t be the same as :poop:topia.

poptopia or toptopia hahaha (joke) /troll

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How about if it can be used to create concoctions or potions with effects
•Throwable Health Potion (can be used for another player)
•Barf concoction (makes you barf, kinda useless but yea)
•Confusion potion
And others you can think about

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That can be also a possible prize after creating the correct chemical combination.

Talk about making random chemicals in the game - I would love to make something that’s like a grenade.

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