[SUGGESTION] 2 New Forum Subforums!

  1. #community-creations consists of 2 mini-subforums:
    #community-creations-WOTW-submission & #community-creations-video-submission.
  • These 2 new mini-subforums will insure people who is going to post their worlds and videos that is worth to be added in the recommendations or winning the world for a week.
  1. #clan consists of 2 mini-Subforums:
    #clan-advertise & #clan-trade
  • These 2 new mini-subforums will insure forumers can advertise their clan or sell/buy it to someone else.

Correction: these are not suggestions for the game and must remove the “Game Suggestions” sub-forums category thingy.

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Removed the game suggestions sub-forumd category thingy.

Community creations subforums a yes for me
But clan category not so sure as they can of course just make a thread in general for recruitment (or discord since i guess it’s easier) and marketplace world subforums for clan trade

Sorry about that, just making the forums neatly categorized.
My eyes didn’t checked out there was a game on it.

We might not know, the forums’ might become active one day with 100 forumers. Then will die eventually.

Clan subforum can or might be important, now instead of advertising at discord, they can advertise here. and about selling those clans, I can totally agree with marketplace.

Thanks for moving this thread ~

Well yes recruitment can be more organized here and will make it so that people can check out the choices properly
But I’m not really sure if they’d add another category for that

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WOTW submissions would be nice. I think it would encourage players to join the forums inorder to submit their WOTW design and receive feedback.

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