[SUGGESTION] A world for new people

There should be a world where new people will directly go before PIXELSTATION.
or if pixelstation gets extended/rebuild?

A world of which has the following:

  • In-game rules
  • prevention of getting scammed
  • item recipes
  • more ingame infos
  • meet and greet area [friendly zone/world]
  • information for covid-19?

If this kind of world gets added, then the new people will have their time peacefully, entertaining and knows basic infos.


Yes. Examples of popular scams within the game, “Mini” farms with signs and trees with signs next to them with explaining which two seeds need to be combined to make the tree.

And links to the official YouTube channel’s tutorial videos of course.

I could benefit from knowing the most popular scams in this game. It’s not very likely that I get scammed, though, since I have experience from other games. (I am still a complete noob)


Really thankful you like it!
YT channels is on the game already via social button.

nah, no one is noob. people are just too toxic nowadays [not ephus-pro doe]
they only wanted to tell you that your a noob so that you will lose motivation. ignore them.

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Would be great if they also make the world like the COVID-19, where it had various languages that was translated by the community.


that would be grateful.

its nice and informative. if it gets added then im pretty sure people will know how to protect to themselves.

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No, there is already a COVID-19 world. What I meant was it (the world for new people) being the same as the COVID-19 world, it had information about the virus with different types of languages.


that is also what i mean to say…

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COVID-19 Was Even WOTW
that idea of making PIXELWORLDS
is good idea

Actually if ever they’re going to make a world for what-so-called new people, its still going to be the Tutorial World but expanded.

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so basically like growtopia tutorial world? yes i like that but how to make one?

Why would we follow trashtopia’s start world. Their start world is bad ngl. It will be different.

i mean its a good concept and maybe pw dev can make better one