Pixel Worlds should feature Agents, which monitor players at Pixel Worlds. Agents are normal, trusted players, which prevent bullying, scamming and cheating in the game.

Agents can activate Undercover Mode and give warnings to players. Agents have their own agent chat, which also includes Moderators, admins, etc. Agents can report problematic players to the agent chat, and Moderators can investigate those issues. This will ensure that every problem in Pixel Worlds can be resolved.

Agents can be identified by the color of their name. It eliminates the possibility of a possible scam.

If you like this idea, I would love to be ready as an agent! :slight_smile:

“jake pls make me agent plspls”

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Actually we don’t have to get those color names
Because bullies usually get scared of being banned but not of normal players that just try to defend, so it won’t give a genuine response from the bully and probably more chances for the bully to come back on bullying
i Guess?

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No colors,
Less Powers,


and [SUGGESTION] Game/Forum Volunteer Moderator & Moderator this has been suggested before.

That isn’t same thing.

Well, if we think this more, I agree it with you.

I like the idea but it has some rough details

the name is different, but the power is the same.
as the moderators said, this already existed in-game. (mod_cadet)