SUGGESTION armor potions

this armor potion gives 10 armor for 10 minutes can be get from magic cauldron
lvl 60 required
3x metal platform 5x magic stuff 1x feather
10 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds until potion done :smiley:

any feedbacks

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20 armor would be OP as hell, ngl. Getting 20 armor just by wearing clothes will already get you to wear around 3-4 clothes or maybe more.

There’s no need for temporary armor potion when armor perk already exists…

oh ok then XD i think they need this

Great Idea, would be OP, but i think there should be more ingredients required.

Not a bad idea, I just think it would be too OP

EDITED the number too OP so change it to 10 still op i will change it to 5

So 11 hours lol
This idea seems good too though, you can use temporary armor on modes you’ll probably die in