Suggestion: Bank Bot with new features

I have a suggestion that Bank Bot should have a feature as there is in World locks so that you can give access to other players too. Of course untradeable items would be shown only to you, but all other items could be a obtained for all users that have rights to your Bank Bot.

I also suggest that there should be opportunity to add Byte coins to the Bank Bot.

I’m sure that it would increase the usage of Bank Bots because that would be a really big help e.g. to players that have several accounts.


I don’t get ur first idea…
But holding Bytes in a bankbot is good idea!

hmmm I dont think that u need to hold bytes because i think u can have can have an infinitiv amount of bc.

I like this byte coin idea. :sneezing_face:

Yes, I think you can have infinitiv amount of bc, but if those were in the Bank Bot any player that you want could use those bytes without the need of transferring Byte Coins between different players/accounts.


I can’t say about the first one, but I support the second one. Bring a feature where we can deposit our Byte Coin and potentially “TRANSFER” a certain amount of Byte Coin to an account. If we want to get a bit ‘technical’, we can even implement a 4 or 6 digit passcode every time you withdraw or transfer. This might, to a certain degree, help in the case the account gets hacked since they need pin now to do something with your money in the bank. If this pin gets implemented, this should be resettable by automated or manual email confirmation.

Bytecoin and normal item Bankbot. Yeah +1 world owner and major admins

It’s a ok suggestion, I think it doesn’t need to be related to Bank Bot. It could a new item itself like a Share Bot where you can add friend access to the storage.

I don’t agree with the first one but the second one with adjustments like what append has suggested, i agree with