[SUGGESTION] Combination Machine & Crystal

Hello everyone, i am here with another suggestion!

Combination Crystal - Combine 100 Nether Crystals to your inventory.

Combination Machine lets you combine items, it is wrenchable and a block item. meaning you cant past it. Wrenching it will give you a popup screen showing 3 empty slot, in that slot. you need 3 items to be combined with. it wont cost you gems or anything.
only works to some of the items.

Ex. Combining any legendary+ item + Dirt + Combination Crystal will give you Legendary+ Dirt (design = shiny golden dirt with diamond dots in it)

Is it good or bad, useless or needed? reply down below!

Might be good… Like u can combine arrows (could they add them?) with pickaxe to make a pickaxe crossbow kinda thing…

its limited to other item to prevent disadvantages in the future. pickaxe + arrows dosent make any sense since pickaxe’s purpose is to break the mine and will break after its durability.

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i like the suggeston keep up good work

i wwish i can combine new block

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It is kind of crossbreeding…

Cross breeding but for items, yea.