[Suggestion/Concept] under water dungeon

so the idea is u enter maybe it will cost gems to enter or something but when u enter u are on a beach and there is an deep ocean that u go down and avoid enemies and traps the MAIN CONCEPT
is u go deep the dungeon is very deep and u collect diffrent loot like gem pouches or usefull items idk might add some diving gear maybe not sure but u gotta go back up to claim the prize! so it is risky but the deeper u go its more dangerous but the rewards get better of course u gotta make it back so keep that in mind also here is my terrible drawing in paint with a mouse showing the thing xd

also idk if its needed but here just to make sure “I give all the rights of my concept to Kukouri Mobile Entertaiment ltd. to use it as they please in their games/social media or in any other form of media” also excuse my bad grammar please :v

EDIT: i also thought maybe deeper u go it gets darker and u need like diving gear stuff and like fins or stuff that would make u faster wich would help avoid enemies i think also there shloudnt be that u kill the enemies but rather u gotta actually avoid em cuz idk but to me using a sword to kill a fish like monester feels weird


You can die because there is no oxygen down there (unless ofc if there’s a perk used)

I like how you actually draw this for an example. I support it (specially diving set)

thats the good thing it has a lvl cap cuz of the perk thats 1 of the points of it, it gives players reason to lvl up to get that perk

This is a cool idea, I like it. It’s like a risk game where if you go too deep you could lose it all. And you need the water perk if you want to actually get good prizes since you can’t go too deep without it. Overall I like the idea.

I don’t like there being an entire update and feature that can only be enjoyed by people with level 55+. In general, it just doesn’t sound fun. Forever moving slowly downwards? How deep is the water because then you have the boredom of swimming all the way back up. With health potions you could probably very easily survive forever.

Its something like blacktower but u Are moving down

Mine world, nether world, fishing, jet race and secret base are already for everyone. So why not have only one for people who have a higher level? Adds a benefit for leveling up.

The perks themselves are already level up benefits, along with gems, emotes, etc.

If this suggestion or idea is an long lasting events such as nether or mining, the alternative name for it could be Scuba Diving or Deep Diving, whereis you dive deeper and deeper if you have better diving gears. Cool idea.

not rly cuz deeper u go there would be more insta kill traps like spike bombs and such

yeah diving would be better name for it i thought of it later but didnt change the suggestion name but ye

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So 1 touch and you just die and loose almost everything? You need to rework the suggestion.

no at start there is just monsters and such that deal dmg but as u go deeper it gets more dangerous also potion problem can be easily fixed by just adding a potion rule bot to the world if it would get added also potions still cost so u would need a big amount anyway

You should build a model of this in a world, sounds like a fun idea

now that i think about it it probably would be more of a diving update than an water dungeon