[SUGGESTION] Farmable that drops 5-20 gems per break

i mean, do we have to?

Grow time: 10-15days | Needs 10 punches to break

Cons and Pros:
Players can get many wl by it
the economy might die?

this farmable might not be added, but thanks for the supports. specially to those who’ve said NO

Add a [farmable] that gives more gems?
  • Yes, i want to buy a world lock fast.
  • No, the economy will die.

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Would’ve been better off to just out yes or no in the poll and we could explain why in the thread.These are really specific and very disagreeable reasons to why someone would put that answer

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this poll is like saying

“Do you like hot dogs?”

  • Yes I love hot dogs and I’ll pay you 1000 dollars
  • No I hate all of humanity and want the world to burn

its very optional, following discord’s suggestion yes/no for no reason


Farmable that gives more gems which would probably take longer to grow / break

exactly, around 7-10day should be ok. soild 50/50 from yes and no is so deadly.

Still thinking it ruins economu ._.

then press no, im not forcing everyone. its just, every farmable drops 1-5 gems. there should be atlest any block that drops many gems. thanks for the feedback.

The devs have said they want to move away from block farming.

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never heard of it, but i guess this thread is over.
i respect it.

make that block except the trees are like 30 days

How would it ruin economy though?
Could you please explain?

•No one gonna farm sb anymore.
•Its easier to get wls wich means getting pro doesnt require almost nothing.
Soo thats why it Will make lot of mess in game’s economy

Example its Easy to get ur first wls for buyng good Mining set and pickaxe.

This is way too much. The farmables gem drop rates are just as fine as they are right now.

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It would be nice to have something like that. But developers stance on farming is that they want to move away from block farming and focus more on engaging farming like mining and nether. This makes makes it harder for botters.

If they add something like this then many people will go back to block farming and botters will be able to farm alot more.

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No sir that would just lead to hyperinflation…

Yes @HeyRicky… Adding more would make the economy die ;(

People could still farm sbs depending on the new farmable for example,
it grows about a week, or/and harder to break. < This would be the disadvantage, making both of them balanced. If both things are balanced, people will be able to choose which they would prefer, if which grow time / number of hits to break do they prefer so SB won’t die, it would probably just be like BBB vs CCB in the past. You farm which you prefer.

Also won’t be “easier” to get wls as they will of course make that balanced. You are already saying that it would be “easier” based on the gem drop rate, but you haven’t even seen the other factors to determine if this would really be superior to the farming we have now. And im pretty sure grinding farming would not be “almost nothing”
Just my thoughts.

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Ye right @Commanderder… The complexity of the block and the toughness to break it will make its users fall down like many people would farm sb instead of bbb because its lighter to hit and stuff… That would be good… The game can add it :sweat_smile:

think about this though what if the tree growth time was 30 days