Suggestion for easier mechanics for the game on mobile

I have an idea for Koukuri and its game, in which would be a function to be able play with KEYBOARD AND MOUSE for mobile players, so it makes play the game more easier and maybe alot of players will like it!!! :blush::slight_smile::grin:


Yes agreed ma’am or sir

Is it possible? I’ve only seen this kind of thing to games owned by rich game companies. Would be cool tho…

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Mhmhmhmhmhmhmhmjmhmjmhm yes

That is probably 70% possible but I dont think that it would be operated to spend money to have that thing in the game

Agree its make game easier

Or game can be come in geforce now you know if your internet is good, it reduces lag, does not experience contraction freezes in the game, and keyboard mouse support is automatically available.