[SUGGESTION] Improve ingame tutorial for new ppl

Since my first suggestion didnt go well, ive thinked for another suggestion.

Ive started the game since mid-december 2020, i had to delete growtopia because its not that entertaining anymore. my friends suggested me to play pw.

i made my account and started a tutorial, all i learnt is how to buy in the marketplace and how to fertilize your trees. at first, i thought this game uses prefixes like /go but no.
i even dont know how to trade at that time.

and it tooked me a month to notice that i had to press a orange trade button if someone is offering me a trade and to long-press a gm to warp on.

so if any devs watchng this, this could be helpful? right?


Yeah the game might need an updated tutorial that teaches you everything in game


Same here. It should cover all basic things that are commonly used by most people as it takes too much time to figure it by yourself when you are clueless about what to do next.


Not a bad suggestion, but there are so many small aspects to the game that trading is really just the tip of the iceberg. The tutorial has come a really long way since I started already. Maybe an option between a basic and and advanced tutorial would be nice. I personally think the current tutorial is already too long. A lot of the newbie quests go over a lot of different smaller things too.


Yea, thats what i’ve thinking for. really thankful your supporting this!

You’ll learn throughout, friend’s help too but YES.

For sure, they have to improve the tutorial a little bit more. I still feel a lack of something in the current tutorial version. :thinking:


After the tutorial, they can be offered options, for example, to learn to mining. Passing through to portal and tutorial can start

We will be focusing on the First Time User Experience along the way to make the game more accessible for new players.

This is not something old players might even notice so when ever you guys think that “this update brought nothing new to PW” it very well might have some significant changes made for the beginning of the game that just isn’t noticed :wink:


I only spotted the free kits and untradeable lure this update. Have they been here long?

nah this update they came

thanks for adding some features, i hopefully a scam awareness, ingame rules, how to play the game and more can be added in the process.