[SUGGESTION] Item Extractor

Item info: item is a consumable, a blue version of recall magnet an can be only used ones if you have pressed the item.
[item_photo] World Lock x333 [PICK UP]
if the player presses pick up button, the player gets another pop-up button notifying:
Are you sure you want to pick up x333 World Lock? This consumable will be used only ones.

after that, the player can take the item and the item extractor will be used.

How to get it? : since recall magnet is worth 1k gems, the item extractor should be 1.5k gems or suggest the gem price in the reply section.

Item Cons/Pros:
Advantages: The player can take the item without risking their bp to be full…
Disdvantages: Scammers will find a way to scam that player should be aware of…

To people not replying to this thread, do you think this should be added?
  • Yes
  • No

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  • You can reply your feedback postitively!

This makes no sense to me. Are you basically just suggesting +1 inventory slot? I’m so confused omg it has no real purpose

you can pick up an item, for example. your storage has alot of junks and you only wanted to pick one… wdym inventory slot

? You can just walk on a dropped item to pick it up. I have no idea what your suggestion is.

what i mean is, if you want to protect your clean bp then you should buy it. and buying it optionally. its up to you if you do that, it is only for those who are urgent.

If anyone else understands what this is, please explain it better. It doesn’t do anything… You’re suggesting an item that simply just lets you pick up items you already own that are simply dropped. This feature already exists…? How does it help keep inventory organised?

Okay, so I think what he’s saying is that if you have a ton of dropped items, you can select to pick up one of them from the pile


I do my reasearch before i suggest and thinks it before posting.
As what i said, this is only for people who is urgent enough. ex. the storage isnt oragnised and you wanted to pick off a platinum lock in the area with soil, cave bg and junks. and since player is urgent he has no choice but to buy it.

it dosent make tyour inventory organised, the suggested item only lets you pick an item urgently for urgent player. atlest reply the thread with respect and kind.

literally yes. thank you for explaing.

Then just be more organised. How would it know which item you’re trying to pick up anyway? It’s pretty useless tbh

by using the suggested item, you can easily just press the area [empty area] of where there are alot of items in it, then a pop-up screen shows up showing all the item in one place, if you wanted to get the item of your choice, press pick up. afterwards a confirmation if you really want to pick it because you can pick it ones. i know its useless but yet again, for urgent people. its the developers choice either to add the item or not.

thank you for giving feedback.

? That’s what chests and safes are for. Don’t just messily store everything if it’s such a problem for you.


So it’s just a like on GT’s extractor dynamo. But instead of it being a block it’s a consumable and it.

I don’t see why this would be needed when you can just pick up the item. It’s an item that is only usable in very specific situations. Especially when it costs gems every time you use it.

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It’s not a bad idea… it just needs some reworks.
To implement that would be so risky and it could bring lots of new scam tricks with it.
So for the moment, I will say no to it.

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Then why not just make a proper storage

That is true, a proper storage is very useful. I suppose this item extractor thingy could be useful for those people who just want to pile stuff up in one place, as storage items do have very limited storage, and stuff like the quantum safe may be more expensive for newer players.
Probably useful for those guys that keep a lot of event items and blocks dropped into a small space.(halloween, st patrick, etc.)

i agree, but its really hard for me to take the neeed item i want to find and also takes time. take STORAGEB4 (ingame world) as an example.