SUGGESTION: More Pets to pixelworlds!

Hello! Soo i think pw could have more Pets than 3, Ex.
Lizard,panda pet, little pig, soft sheeps, mouse i think it would be very Nice to see these Pets in game

Pets or Familiar? Pets? We only need domestic and a blob type of pet. This would be cool if they added this. But it may get complicated.

I’m sorry but this is not needed

Why? Wouldnt be cool to have instead of dog maybe a little cute panda?
I mean Pets not familiars

no need new pets and familiars because its enough

Well. I could go for a panda familiar. Not a pet.

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They don’t always have to be “needed” as these are suggestions ofc. Not like all items suggested were actually needed

Ye that’s true but in my opinion this is just pointless pets and familiars are different with familiars it matters how they look because they don’t have other features but with pets there might as well be a black cube as a pet
Also vanos agrees with me

And lots of people already have 5 high level pets so they couldn’t really get the new pet anyway also I don’t even use pets myself