Suggestion: New Forum Features! Emojis, etc

Hey, right now the forums is pretty awesome in a lot more ways than the old forums. But I think there is still something missing, which is that the forums needs more of a Pixelworlds theme to it!
I have a few ideas on how the forums can be more Pixelworlds themed.

Pixelworlds Emojis

An easy way to make the forums better is to add Pixelworlds related emojis. Emojis like a worldlock, bytecoin, gem, and various facial expressions would let people chat as if they were in-game! Discourse has built-in support for adding new emojs and even has options to overide existing emojis.

Pixelworlds Themed Trust Levels

This one is a smaller feature, but in Discourse you earn trust levels from the amount of time, posts, likes, etc that you have commited or received on the forums. Right now these trust levels have the default names;
as it turns out, discourse has the option to change the display name of these trust levels to whatever you want. I think it would be really nice if the trust levels were changed to be Pixelworlds themed. Right now I can’t think of any fitting Pixelworlds themed titles, but if you do come up with one then please share it in the replies!

Pixelworlds Themed Badge

This one i really think would be cool to have in our forums. Discourse allows you to create new badges with custom requirements. Alternativly discourse allows admins to grant any badge to a player manually. These features could be used to create some sort of community badge!

What do you think of these suggestions? Which one would you like see come to the forums?
@Dev @EndlesS


It’s pretty good, i’d use it. :+1:

i would love the emojis. The certified pixelian face will be in my nighmares

good improvement for forums! very good
what if you added ‘’ add text colors ‘’ for no reason