[SUGGESTION] "Skip vote" feature for best set

Some people do not follow the theme and sometimes you might occur to get two sets that are totally not related to the theme, so there should be a feature where you can skip vote for that one and gives another 2 choices for you to choose instead. This would make it so you don’t have to choose a set that isn’t even relevant to that week’s topic.


i agree if people not follow the theme we need skip button

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I see what you mean and i support the thread. some people just cant read the theme!

Yeah I agree, I don’t want to be forced to vote on 2 sets which both don’t follow the theme at all.

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I may as well share this here as well


Hmm that is true, Byrne.

Good idea in theory, but i can see people using alt account and just spam the skip button until they find their main account and vote for it

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We might as well add a level limit and a skip limit, on how many votes u can skip per day.

But still, I’d have to agree with Byrne. This feature is easily exploitable.

Yes. I was just about to say that there is too many people who are not following the “rules”.

I agree with it. We should be able to skip/downvote (or however you can to call it) non-related themed sets.

We also should give a solution to its drawbacks that it might bring, in order to make this a viable feature. Maybe we could set a Minimun Level Limit for voting or a certain amount of “skips” per day, so we can reduce the amount of these drawbacks.

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